Windows Fix (Control Rebinds + Inventory)

Hey everyone, just wanted to give a heads up on a new build for windows (Linux build is down for a few days while we sort out these bugs, and then we will update the Linux build with all the fixes and proper support).

Sadly, since this is the first windows build correction (after we started using butler, itchs upload tool) it will likely require a re-download (future ones here on itch will just require a tiny patch). Sorry about that, I hadn't realized the power of butler sooner. 

Anyhow, fixes are

  • Control rebinding should be showing in both the start up menu and escape menu during the game (yay)
  • Inventory shouldn't try hiding itself between game start ups
  • Crystal rebalance (they will last 25 seconds before exploding on their own to keep them from growing out of control and lagging the game)

Also all this month (well, till the 21st) I'll be doing tweaks and improvements (resolution settings are probably coming next, and an old-school manual to help guide those looking for more information on various issues, and even a difficulty setting adjuster!). 

So if you see any problems or have suggestions or any other feedback let me know in the forums here (you can find it at the bottom of the Labyrinth page)...or wherever else I'm around :) 

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